Hypoallergenic Organic Silk Pillow – Travel Size


Hypoallergenic travel size (30 x 40cm) pillow with pure Mulberry Silk casing and eco-friendly bamboo fibre filling

Bamboo is a highly breathable fabric. As a result, it repels heat which keeps you cool and comfortable all night long. Because bamboo reduces the amount of moisture in your bed, it discourages one of the primary triggers of allergies (dust mites) from living in your pillow. Silk has also been proven to help your skin retain moisture, so you are less likely to wake up with dry, flakey skin.

Includes fabulous carry-bag.

Some facts about the sustainability of bamboo are:

  • It is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilisers
  • It requires no irrigation
  • It rarely needs replanting
  • It grows rapidly and can be harvested in 3-5 years
  • It is a crucial element in the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
  • It is an excellent soil erosion inhibitor
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